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If a hat or a dress fell down on the floor, it will be the collection’s bestseller. If a dressmaker pricks her finger and a drop of blood fells on a wedding dress the bride will have a happy marriage. To get married seamstresses sewn their hair in a couture bridal gown with the hope, they will be the next walking down the aisle.

Couturiers are superstitious, and the most superstitious of them all was Christian Dior. During his life, the couturier was obsessed with the signs of the destiny, tarot cards, talismans. He was surrounded by fortune tellers that were advising him on his career choices.

One day Dior received an offer from a cotton company to become the creative director of a collection under his own name. While walking on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré on his way to meet the owner of the cotton company, Dior hit his foot on something on the ground. When he grabbed the object from the floor, he saw it was a star. A star that would guide him during his career, a star that we still can see in Dior’s collections and stores. A star that still lights the path of one of the most iconic fashion houses in the history.

Dior was obsessed with the mystical and was always surrounded by fortune tellers. His favorite was Madame Delahaye who was consulting him during his entire career. Even when he found the small star on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, he asked her what she thinks. “Accept! She ordered me, accept! You must create the house of Christian Dior. Whatever the initial conditions, anything that they could offer you, later on, could not compare to the chance of today!” Luckily for all of us, Christion Dior listen to her, and now we have one of the greatest fashion houses in the world.

His favorite number was 8, and even he named his first collection after his lucky number. His favorite number inspired the design of La Corolle,  Dior atelier was based in eight districts in Paris, on the eight floor with eight workshops.

Inspired by his superstitious nature, Maria Grazia Chiuri seeks inspiration in the Dior‘s talisman collection and obsession with the mystical and the tarot cards. The Italian creative director designed evening clutches after the tarot cards which were a part of Christian Dior life on a daily basis.

The evening clutches are the perfect accessory for Ramadan, and come in white lambskin leather with embroidery and beading in the designs of nine different tarot cards

Christin Dior tarot clutches are available in the brand’s stores across the Gulf.