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When fashion meets fragrance

To be honest, everything Alber Elbaz is involved we love. The designer is may be one of the most influential RTW designers of our time and for sure knows how to create beautiful dresses. After he stepped down from his position as the creative director of Lanvin we heard different rumors – he will launch his own brand,  will collaborate with a French luxury brand famous for its leather accessories, that he will be appointed as the creative director of Givenchy. So far nothing of those is true, but Elbaz came up with an unexpected collaboration.

The designer partnered with the fragrance mogul Frederic Malle and both created Superstitious, a fragrance we want to buy even only looking at the bottle which is a piece of art. In the times of fast fashion and everything flashy the bottle of Superstitious is solid black, with a beautiful old brass effect cаp and just a small hand drawing of an eye in gold, most probably created by Elbaz.

The scent on which the two creative forces worked almost an year is different. Very oriental and feminine in a way, but at the same time modern and new. The perfume tells us a story of a different times. Times that used to be slowly, times when woman took a moment to brush her hair in front of the mirror and put a perfume. Time when a woman would wear a kaftan in old Cairo and smoke shisha while having a Turkish coffee. And this is actually the story behind Superstitious, to bring memories of the old times and be like a vintage gold brooche on a denim jacket.

Superstitious is an eclectic mix of Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine, velvety peach and apricot skin, labdanum resinoid, sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, patchouli, musk. An abstract story describing an emotions so deep and endlessly enhancing.

 “If we were to create a fragrance together, we said, it would possess this mysterious element. Like a book open to interpretation, it would let the imagination run free. And like Alber’s own fashion designs, it would empower whomever wore it, leaving an indelible trace long after it passed. Almost immediately we knew if we were to create such a scent, it would bear the name Superstitious. And that is how it began.” Frederic Malle