It’s pretty safe to say that the ‘power brow’ look is here to stay and we’ve scoured the stores to find a solution that isn’t as invasive (or painful) as microblading. Say hello to Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow Gel Tint, the label’s first ever peel-off gel-tint that lasts up to 3 days, meaning you wake up with picture perfect brows! Yes, you read correctly, it’s a game-changer that’s enriched with royal jelly and aloe vera to ensure your eyebrows are left evenly filled while being conditioned.

Simply apply over brows in your desired shape leave on for 20 minutes or more. The longer you wait, the better the results. Then peel it off starting from the inner corner of the brow towards the outside and voila.

And the best thing? You can get it at your local grocery store so no excuses ladies, get those brows in shape. 

Text by Sarah Jimaa