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Terryfic Oud

If you are looking for a perfect Eid Al-Fitr gift we got you covered. Created by Jean-Michel Santorini and labelled by the famous beauty brand By Terry, Terryfic Oud is the ultimate luxury oud blend. The fragrance’s signature leathery note is blended with oriental scents along with warm and notes with a fruity, floral heart of rose and red berries and a powdery base. The perfume is an inspiration of Arabia in a bottle, and the bottle is a piece of art itself. Inspired by Terry de Gunzburg’s ceaseless passion for oriental art, the bottle in which houses Terryfic Oud Extrême has been embellished with a beautifully intricate golden motif.

The perfume is the perfect small gift for Eid for your loved ones and it’s available at Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichlos and Areej.