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The 10 Unforgettable Hats by Philip Treacy

Time flies, and although it’s a concept that we’re aware of, it might be something that we’re still continually amazed at since it does go by so fast. Think about it; it’s already been more than a week since the royal wedding of the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry, and Meghan Markle. Six hundred guests attended, but yet none of them gave us a reason to talk about their outfits, except for David Beckham and Amal Clooney, these two stole the show! The British royals are known to be modest when it comes to their wardrobe whether they’re dressing for a special occasion or not, but having said that, these women know how to finish off an outfit with the perfect hat, in that was especially the case at the wedding.  Honestly, thank god because otherwise it would have all been a bore and we would still be yawning right now. Philip Treacy was, of course, the man of the hour as he designed 20 hats for the special occasion.

In the early 90’s Isabella Blow,  helped Philip Treacy, the famous milliner build a fashion career not only financially but also by wearing his hats herself. And over the last three decades, he’s been known to be the master in his field and having legendary designs. The man can indeed do it all! Whether you want to be ladylike or be fierce like Gaga, Philip Treacy can transform your look with just a hat. That my friend is called the power of accessories! Not only has he become the most in-demand hat designer but the Irish milliner has collaborated with fashion houses such as  Alexander Mcqueen, Valentino, Chanel, Givenchy and so on. He has also become the British socialites and royals go-to designer from Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice to Queen Elizabeth. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell, Daphne Guinness have all worn his hats. His creations have been photographed and featured in Vogue, W Magazine, The Telegraph and the New York Times and many more.

In honour of his birthday, here’s our selection of the ten times he blew our minds off, with his craftsmanship. These hats will inspire you for the next time you have to attend the  Cartier or Maserati Polo Cup in Dubai.

Fiery Red

We’ll never forget the butterfly headpiece created for Alexander McQueen’s Spring Summer 2008 collection or when Sarah Jessica Parker stepped into the Met Ball red carpet in 2015, with a flamed hairpiece.

Put a Veil on It

When in need of being extra but simplicity is your thing, an added veil to your outfit will do the trick. The amount of fabric will, of course, depend on your mood and how much of a sassy vibe you want to give. Just think of Victoria Beckham’s Philip Treacy’s hat for the royal wedding, although it isn’t one for the books, her veil gave her look an extra oomph. What we won’t forget anytime soon, however, is Daphne Guinness, Christian Lacroix look back in 2013 and Naomi Campbell’s headpiece for Chanel’s 1992 couture show.

Spikes and More Spikes

Something about a hat having pointy and sharp parts can say a lot about the piece itself but most importantly about the person wearing it. It’s edgy, original but most of all fierce, especially when it’s right on your face like Treacy’s spring/summer 2013 golden fascinator.  Lady Gaga’s attendance at 2010 Grammy Awards will forever be remembered because of that silver hat. Who would ever forget it? It’s one of the singer’s most over the top looks.

Circle ain’t just a shape

More than just a form, time and time again, we’ve seen how the milliner can transform simple lines into pieces that will get the attention of the room solely on you, from the moment you walk into it till the time you leave. Grace Jones had a plain red hat on, but yet her image wearing it has been iconic, same goes for Isabella Blow’s picture featured in Vanity Fair 2003 magazine. Again, there’s power in accessories!

Nature as Inspiration

When it comes to being creative, inspiration comes from everywhere, and simple elements of nature can be transformed into masterpieces. Whether it’s the Raven couture headpiece worn by Emma Watson in Harper’s Bazaar or an actual Japanese Garden turned into a squared box hat for McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2001 collection, Treacy is showing us that’s there’s no limit to creativity.

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre