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The age of Mipsters

When it comes to subcultures, Mipsters have been having a moment for well over 3 years now, with the roots of the movement evolving from a more modest take on fashion while seamlessly blending East and West.

The movement has been challenging Western stereotypes by fusing Islamic tradition and a liberal mindset, Mipsters are very progressive in terms of fashion and vision but do not compromise their cultural values.

They portray a multifaceted positive image of a Muslim community that is socially conscious, highly educated, and religiously devoted; They are style conscious with strong social values.

You can find them in the likes of Ascia and Leena Al Ghouti, two fine examples of young ladies that represent all that is cool and hip while still being in control of their image in the way they want it to be; modern yet modest fusing traditional dress codes with the latest trends to create contemporary looks.

Mipsters are on the forefront of cultural integration and are opening up the conversation of stereotypes in the Fashion World; think of Halima Aden walking down the Yeezy and Max Mara runway, try a video tutorial of Turbans, the freshest hair accessory seen everywhere this season, take a look at the cover of British Vogue and the very first Hijab model on its cover, shop the Dolce & Gabbana Abaya collections, discover all the new e-commerce website revolving around modest dressing.

The big and small brands in the world of Fashion Luxury are taking notice and applying their learning on their merchandise and image in order to be part of the new Modest movement; they are aware that they are tapping into a rich and untouched market that could result in high monetary benefits in the near future.

All of this is helping change misconceptions about religion and beliefs and with Modest dressing being a worldwide trend; one can only ask if Mipsters trend leaders are not behind it.

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