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The Art Of Oud

Here in the Middle East, we take our Oud very seriously. The rich, musky fragrance has been firmly ingrained in Arab culture for decades however it has been given a new lease of life, albeit slightly subtler, by international olfactory houses. They have adapted it to cater to more modern palettes by infusing it with subtle notes including citrus and floral to create a unique scent. One of our firm favorites is made by French perfume atelier Henry Jacques; founded in 1975 by a world traveller who garnered an obsession for rarity, perfection and refinement when it came to creating the perfect fragrance. He mastered the art of combining Middle Eastern notes with French refinery to create an intricately harmonious aroma that managed to please an elite clientele with discerning taste. This includes A-listers and even royals.

The epitome of exclusivity within the perfume world, his fragrances were once only available to purchase in a boutique in Paris, on a request by invitation basis. Now you can find his boutique at Harrods’s Salon de Parfums. His debut collection, Les Classiques de HJ consisted of 50 perfumes and he has since created three more. Whether it’s the patchouli, musky base or notes of sage and geranium combined with rose, jasmine pen and iris, each and every one delivers a sensational olfactory experience. The fragrances are housed in crystal bottles made from either Baccarat or Duan Saint-Louis (you get to choose of course). Each bottle is handcrafted and requires two to three hours to create, with up to 80 ingredients incorporated in the scent.

And then there are the limited editions such as L’Oeuf. Only nine in the world, they are on sale at £182,000 at the Salon de Parfums in Harrods. It’s composed of premium, natural essences in their purest form while being housed in an awe-inspiring, egg-shaped flacon, embellished with 18-carat gold and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Unabashed beauty, elegance and luxury in a bottle.

Text by Sarah Jimaa