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The Best Summer Hats

last weekend’s heatwave was the start of what we in Dubai call Summer. We move all aspects of our lives to indoor areas that are heavily acclimatized, however, we still need that protection from the sun while crossing to the parking or catching your Uber.

So for the sake of looking stylish for 5 minutes, here are our top 3 summer hat trends that can dress up any outfit while giving you that extra layer of protection from the sunrays.

The Western hat:Dior Resort 18 focused on Western hats with a flat-brim, tied below the chin by a black string, adorned with turquoise beads and painted with illustrations from the primitive wall paintings in the Lascaux cave, which are estimated to be up to 20,000 years old and guess what? We want them NOW!

Also feeling the Western vibe is Colombian designer Lina Osorio with her flat-brim Fedora in black, pink and green felt with plenty of embellishments and paintings. Her collection features birds from her native country in striking colors and waves made by embroidered colored threads that will guarantee everyone’s attention.The PVC effect:

Artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri brought back the fashion into accessories at La Maison Dior. We really want to get our hands on the Dior Club 1 Visor, a hybrid between hat and sunglasses. The black and white frame is adorned with the “J’adior” signature, while the grey or yellow (our favorite) transparent visor is a bold statement that the visor has made a comeback. All you have to do is ask Kim K and Bella H as both have been spotted in visors for major 90’s throwback.Chanel is never too far away and their PVC hat is giving us major envy. Granted it rarely rains in Dubai, and we probably won’t get too much protection from an imminent sunstroke but at least we can keep the humidity away as we tuck our freshly blow-dried hair inside this magnificent Canotier hat.

The Straw appeal:

Maison Michel is never too far when it comes to hats and their straw Panama collection has always been a classic. This season we are head over heels for the New Bonnie; a natural sewn straw Beret (Yes a straw beret for you to peruse in Paris in weather appropriate hats) and the Agnes; a wide brim hat with a silk scarf that carries in-itself so much gravity to keep us grounded all summer.

We come back to the designer Lina Osorio as her collection sees her straw hats with an elevated top, embellished with silk fabrics depicting Latin American designs. They are peculiar and attractive and for us; looking different from the rest of the fashion crowd is the strongest statement ever.