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The Fashionable IT-Bags You Should Get Your Hands On This Season

Fashion has been moving to a high speed lately in which not all of us can keep up with or even want to try to. There are now two different ways to approach the fashion luxury world or should we say, fashion lovers nowadays stand in two complete opposite side of this matter, and there’s no in between!  Either you’re very much into the luxury and traditional aspect of things and would prefer having a product that took the time it needed to be produced or you’re the type who wants to have and see new things right away and as often as possible but refuses the fast fashion route. It seems some brands have understood the latter and have been launching new products now and then, hence the see now buy now trend or the capsule collections in between brands such as Off-White x Rimowa or Gucci x Dapper Dan.

However, if there’s one thing we can all agree on is that accessories don’t have to fall into either one of these categories since from our knowledge they take a lot less time to get done then an haute couture dress for example. Although our wish for handbags to be launched outside the fashion seasons have yet to be granted, we can always count on the new releases on the e-commerce websites. We’ve done a little digging, and honestly some virtual window shopping for hours, so here are the Three New Fashionable IT Bags you should get your hands on this season. Get ready to say bye-bye to your never fulls and hello to your new belt bags!1- Security is Stylish

For the past two seasons, there’s one bag that has made a comeback and has been taking the street style by storm. An influencers favorites, the belt bag is back, and you should definitely get on that “Fanny Pack Train” if you haven’t yet. More than the style itself, the innovation happening around this trend is what we’re drooling over. The Minee croc-effect by Nanushka is both a belt and a bucket bag and is the most stylish we’ve seen in a long time; it’s also one that you can use to transition from a day to night outfit in a matter of seconds. It’s available in dark brown and beige, and you can find it on for just 420$We’re also in love with every leather good done by Deutsch brand Wandler, but the Anna Belt Buckle bag is perfect for all casual days that you want to look trendy. You can opt for their two-tone which comes in various shades such as the baby pink and brown, or for the unusual but beautiful white with the gold buckle for 595$ available on their website.

2- Get Crafty With It

If you’re anything like us, then most probably you’re more into having a bag that’s different and original then having something just for the sake of a brand name. Therefore for that reason alone, next time you’re looking for a bag especially this summer, go for something that’s unique of its kind just like the tassel/crochet bag from Cult Gaia available in 3 different colors and for only 300$. If you want to be bold go for the green but if you’re more of the quieter type the beige bag will do the trick.Staud is also a brand that we’ve been obsessing over lately, and for the simple reason that no matter the design, their bags are just effortlessly cool and eccentric at the same time. The “Moreau” bag retails for 375$ and comes in a leather blush pink or dark grey and is draped in crossed macramé treads. This bag is the perfect everyday accessory for editors and stylist alike.

3- Best Things Come in Small Sizes

When it comes to bag specially and the ready-to-wear sector there’s minimal experiments that brands care to dive into. However, one of the things that we’ve been spotting lately is the mini shoulder bags, small enough only to carry your lipstick but for some reason, it’s perfection and got us thinking that it’s the one thing we always needed but never knew.

The Faye bracelet part leather and part suede bag from Chloé comes in five different colors, and we’d be lying if we told you to choose just one. It’s the little thing that’s the right addition for your outfit for either casual strolls to the mall or a substantial dinner. You can find it in stores and online for 890$.

We also can’t get enough of Victoria Beckham’s Halfmoon nano bag; the very posh designer knows her customers. With time we’ve noticed that she just knows what women want to wear always! This bag can be thrown off on any outfit and is fitting for any type of occasion even as random as taking your kids to soccer practices. This mini beauty is available both at VB’s store in London and on her website.