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The Latest Sotheby’s Auction – Royal Jewels

Ladies and Gents, mark your calendars, get in touch with your travelling agencies and start digging in your pockets because this coming November, Sotheby’s is set to organize one of their most precious auction yet! And by precious we mean never before seen and over the top pieces that the public will get access to for the first time, but will only a selected few will be able to purchase them.

As we all know, owning vintage pieces nowadays is entirely in fashion, probably because there’s a lack of originality and pure luxury in what’s available in the market today. That being said, if it’s real luxury, that you’re looking for, come November 12, Geneva, Switzerland will be THE place you’ll want to be.The American headquartered broker’s company, will auction a collection entitled “Royal Jewels from the Bourbon-Parma Family” that will include as its name indicate earrings, tiaras, and necklaces made in diamonds, pearls and sapphires etc… that once belonged to the Archduke of Austria and Dues of Parma, Kings of France, Spain, Austria. As if the possibility of buying pieces that range from different centuries of European rulers wasn’t exciting enough, the collection will also have items from Marie-Antoinette’s private collection. Mainly all the pieces she packed up and sent to her nephew, the Emperor of Austria at the time, right before the revolution.

Marie-Antoinette, also known as the last Queen of France, was known for her expensive taste, her love for luxury and acquiring them without any hesitation, her lavish lifestyle and for her ongoing affair of taking portraits and wearing custom-made gowns. All are very good reasons that contributed to the French Revolution and her losing everything by guillotine. Thankfully, the jewels made it to Austria in time and were later passed on to her only living heir, her daughter who was able to flee to Vienna. As a result, it became a tradition to pass on Marie-Antoinette jewelry collection from generation to generation of only blooded royals.

According to Deputy Chairman of Sotheby’s Jewelry Europe in a press release issued by the auction house, Daniela Mascetti: “It is one of the most important royal jewelry collections ever to appear on the market, and every jewel is absolutely imbued with history.” Key pieces of the collection will include the diamond pendant natural pearl earrings previously owned by Marie-Antoinette and is set to sell for one to two million dollars. A multi-strand pearl necklace made of 331 natural pearls sell starting point will be of three hundred thousand dollars, and finally, a diamond tiara given by Emperor Franz Joseph to his great-niece Maria Anna of Austria is estimated to be sold for the prices of 80 to 120 thousand dollars. However our two personal favorites are: the diamond parure featuring 95 diamonds, including five solitaire diamonds that belonged to Marie Antoinette, but that was initially made for Louise of France the granddaughter of Charles X and the diamond brooch featuring a 30.7-carat sapphire from Ceylon, given to Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria by her mother on the occasion of her marriage. The latter is estimated at the price of  $150,000 – 250,000 and we would personally love to see it transformed into a ring!

If you love anything related to history and Royals, we would highly recommend you to check out the public exhibition for the jewels that will take place before the auction on September 2018 in Munich and September 21st in Cologne. However, if you can’t wait that long, you can happily scroll back and forth into the previews we featured here.

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre