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The Modern Local Abaya

The word Abaya once meant one single image, a piece of black fabric that formed a modest, loose-fitting robe but that is no longer the case, with the rise of the fashion influence on the traditional aspects of life, a new vision has emerged, the modern Abaya, still modest but with a twist.Today Book F27 discovers some of the movers and shakers behind this movement, the designers that have evolved the designs of the traditional robe, the designers that deserve to be recognized.
We start with Amal Al Mulla; a label that focuses on finding structure in the Fluidity, textures in transparencies and details that never seize to surprise. This year her collection moves away from black
and focuses on earthy tones, a simple and audacious way to break with traditions.

Up next is Manaal Al Hammadi, a brand created by the Emirati designer Manaal Al Hammadi that focuses on the abaya traditions with a modern approach. Manaal’s abayas are contemporary and minimalistic, and the designers focus on the structure and the materials she uses. The lack of embroidery and beading that we traditionally see on the abays makes Manaal’s designs feel contemporary and makes them something we can wear over a dress when we travelling, as well as an outfit to go for all the family gatherings.Our next big name is The Twins Luxury Abaya, that fuses the classic and the contemporary. Drawing inspiration from art, fashion, Emirati and the global culture; The Twins exotic designs elevate the look with elegant sophistication thus giving a refined statement that beautifies women and glorifies their personality. A combination of high-quality fibres and elaborate craftsmanship each design exudes a spirit of lightness creating a new and fresh identity of the Abaya.Jump to Faisal Al Malak, the winner of Fashion Prize that also managed to win our hearts, with his big smile and his complex designs that are inspired by the Middle East. This season; Faisal’s Abaya breaks away from the color black by adding to it fragments of traditional fabrics from the region making it
a timeless yet innovative design that conveys the designer’s aesthetic of consistency.Last but not least is Q27, a low key brand that is worn by fashion-forward women. Designed with a great eye for detail and constructed with fine craftsmanship, Q27 aims to create a new kind of essential, one that pushes the boundaries on how we define classic by selecting lush fabric and perfecting the shape.