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The new Dior Tête De Mort

“Carpe Diem” is the statement Dior wants us to keep in mind for their new high jewelry collection named “Tête De Mort.” So seize the day, don’t worry much about the future, be present and make sure to always live in the moment, as tomorrow is not promised to everyone! One could think that there could be a better token to represent life, but is there really a better symbol, than skulls and crossbones, to remind us that we’ll all die someday? So, “A memento mori,” says Dior; this topic doesn’t have to be dark… as the Latin theory reminds us: one should just take advantage of every minute of life.Designed by Dior Joaillerie creative director, Victoire de Castellane, the “Tête de Mort” collection, meaning skulls, was inspired by the French Maison passion for life, and all the elements of nature that Dior’s founder used to love such as the lily of the valley and the clover in tsavorite garnet. The colors chosen by the designer are a clear indication that, their approach and reflection on the topic was taken in a very positive, bright and light way, as all together they represent, strength, tranquillity, and equilibrium. And possibly, that we shouldn’t take life too seriously! The stones used for the skulls are rose quartz, blue chalcedony, and amethyst.  The collection consists of only rings and necklaces in the colors mentioned but comes in 18K yellow gold, pink gold, and silver, and for the perfect finishing, the eyes and crowns are small bits of diamonds.  The collection then as in total, six pieces, 3 necklaces, and 3 rings. This isn’t de Castellane, first time using death as inspiration. Her first collection using skulls and such theme dates back to 2001. The collection is already available to preview online, and it’s possible to shop it in selective Dior stores worldwide.

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre