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The Sold-Out Japanese Moisturizer

Move aside South Korean skincare and make way for the new favorite in the market, the Japanese Hada Labo.

Hada Labo which translates into Skin Lab from Japanese was founded in 2004 but it’s not until late 2017 that its star product the Goku-Jyun lotion, a powerful moisturizer took over the beauty world by storm.

It may be called a lotion however it instantly hydrates your skin; it looks clean like a toner but it is a standalone moisturizer… Confused? Don’t be, just pour a nickel size amount of the lotion into your palm and rub between your hands to warm it up.

Apply the lotion to your clean skin by patting to enhance the absorption on your face and neck, wait till it’s dry and you can continue with your daily routine.

You can also explore the whole Goku-Jyun range, we also recommend using the serum, the milk or the cream or the combination of all three since “Dubai Summer” is upon us and we will need all the moisture we can get.

It is still rare to find it on the market unless you go to Japan but retailers have noticed its power and are starting to stock up on it, so if you want to take our advice and save your skin for less than DHS 200 we recommend you buy it from or