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The Son of the Sheik

“The Son of the Sheik” is may be one of the most iconic black and white silent movies in the history.

The Son of the Sheik” starring Rudolph Valentino, an iconic film from the beginning of 20th century tells us the story of a young Arabian prince, a son of a sheikh who falls in love with the beautiful dancer Yasmin. The critique says that this movie is the best of Valentino’s performances which make the film so iconic.

Another iconic moment of the movie is one of the most bizarre mistakes in the film history ever made. Rudolph Valentino refuses to take off his Tank de Cartier watch, and the watch appears in few scenes in the movie. A little bit like the moment we see a pink Converse in Sofia Coppola’s “Marie-Antoinette.”

The scenes with the Tank watch scandalizes the public, and the Cartier’s timepiece becomes one of the most famous watches of its time. Louis Cartier created Tank in 1917, and a legend was born.

In 1919 Tank was introduced to the market and since then it is still one of the most iconic watches with its clean, crisp lines and still modern design. Even a century after this the watch still manages to preserve its distinctive identity and to be one the best choices for the modern gentlemen.

Tank Louis Cartier is here.