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The Sturm Glow

She is Hollywood’s best-kept secret with the top celebrities and athletes flocking to her clinic in Düsseldorf and Munich thanks to her concept of creating premium skin care that gives maximum results with a minimum number of products, she is Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Dr. Sturm was part of the team that developed the vampire facial and she came to fame when she applied the same principle to create her line of face creams enriched with the body’s own regenerative and anti-inflammatory active agents; by drawing the patient’s blood and spinning it into a custom-blended product.

Book F27 tried on one of her notorious products; the glow drops that retails for 145$ for 30ml.

The ‘Glow Drops’ is formulated with potent, anti-ageing compounds to deeply hydrate and refine your pores. Mineral pigments are added to impart youthful radiance and we are bewitched by the results and by how versatile its wear-ability is.

You can pat a pipette’s length of oil onto your face, eyes, and neck or you can apply it with your moisturizer or blend it over your makeup or skincare products.

We highly recommend the Glow Drops for a shiny firm skin, although we would have wished that for that price point it would at least be for a bottle of 50ml.

By G.D.