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The Twins in combat boots

Haya and Sama Abu Khadra are the identical twins that have been ruling the music and social scenes in LA under the handle @SimiHaze. They are the daughters of Rula Abu Khadra, the founder of “The Art of Living” boutique in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and were born there; they left at the age of five to London where they studied at Faulkner house only to move to Dubai, for High school and it became the city they call home.

Armed with style, quirkiness and talent the two Saudi-born Palestinian sisters used to accompany their mother on buying trips and fashion shows and it’s during a Chanel show that they were photographed by The Sartorialist at the tender age of 14 wearing matching outfits that they rose to fame thanks to their cascading curls and flawless complexions, giving them an allure that is downright straight from a Botticelli painting.

Book f27 takes you on their fashion journey as their style story has changed drastically since moving to LA, California and attending USC (University of Southern California).

Some of the things that haven’t changed are their love for combat boots and the credit they owe to their mother for teaching them everything there is to know about style.

The girls started with a more dressed-up type of style with a toned down color palette like beige, light pink and baby blue.

You would often see them wearing Chanel skirt suits, long blazer jackets over a dress or pants and of course with their signature long locks.

Over their Freshman years, their style got more relaxed with plenty of skirts, shorts, and cut-out tops that they took to next level, labeling it casual, tomboyish with some punk.

The twins also have a thing for vintage attire and have been surfing the 90’s vibe quite hard ever since their Cowboy X Alien party.

They chopped their hair to a short straight version that highlights the fun shaped and strong eyeliners and eyeshadows they use.

The twins now have more than 656 000 followers on Instagram and one can’t help but wonder what led to that; was it their more dénudé approach topped with flamboyant and costume-like outfits that has grown their fame or was it their newly found DJ’ing skills and modeling talents (They started DJ’ing after being inspired by their older brother who’s a musician; they have been creating playlists to some of the hottest shows and events around the world) or their highly publicized friendships with Kylie Jenner, Bella Haddid and Hailey Baldwin or simply a combination of all three?.


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