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Top 5 Wedding Planners

Looking to hire a wedding planner? Book f27 has the perfect list filled with the very best wedding planner in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

These companies will spare no effort in making sure they give you the most luxurious wedding down to the tiniest detail. Armed with an extensive planning experience, special design skills, collaborations with specialists in many fields, construction of custom-made installations and sculptures, custom-made furniture and ornaments, coordinated technical production, meticulous site management they are the very best out there.If you happen to be getting married in Dubai; book a meeting with the team at Carousel. Carousel started 10 years ago as a corporate event planning practice; they then shifted their focus on weddings out of sheer demand. They are the proud creators of some of the most stunning weddings in the UAE. They focus on delivering a seamless experience thanks to custom-made invitations, a glamorous cake, a stunning venue, an amazing set-up and a team that will take care of each detail in order to leave the bride worry-free.For Saudi Arabia, it was a tough call but we definitely recommend the team at Design Lab. Design Lab has one of the most creative teams that work around the clock to deliver every bride’s dream. Shifting away from the rules of traditional weddings and focusing on innovative designs, these guys create every wedding to fit each bride’s personality.

From elaborate and large-scale sculpture to crowd management of the venue; you can rest assured that your wedding day will be all about you having fun and enjoying your time with your guests rather than running around making sure the team has done their job.The competition in Lebanon was fierce, however, one name stood out from the rest after the impressive work they did for a certain blogger’s wedding (Google for images) so we opted for Caractere. Caractere has been designing weddings and events since 1998 in Beirut, they take into consideration the bride’s needs and wants as well as the latest trends and blend them together to get a unique event proposal.

Using technology and expertise they will plan your wedding to the second including a breath-taking entrance to focus all the attention back to you!Emad Al Samhan came highly recommended in Kuwait, with an experience of over 18 years, Emad started with a flower shop that then grew into a full-fledged wedding planning company. Emad has an in-depth know-how and expertise and he will personally execute your dream wedding. Adding personality and elegance are his strongest traits and brides that have hired him always talk about the seamless experience they had.YQ wedding is our top choice for any wedding happening in the Kingdom of Bahrain. YQ by Yussef Qassim is devoted to giving Bahraini brides the most memorable evening they can imagine thanks to their innovative designs, their precise planning and one of a kind themes they like to introduce.

YQ has drawn on decades of design experience with a keen eye for details and aesthetic to make your dream a reality and they put the D in Deliver when it comes to Luxury, nothing is too hard or impossible.