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Welcome to Cartier’s Wild Side

Designed for the rebellious girls out there, Cartier’s new collection is all about daring to be wild when it comes to personal style. In the words of the brands itself, #CactusDeCartier collection is was made for you to unleash your wild spirited side. This new Cartier series will allow you to be multifaceted as it has different characteristics throughout their numerous pieces, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and clutches.

The new campaign features the one and only MariaCarla Boscono, the Italian supermodel who was one of the top 15 earning supermodels back in 2005 and who has been the sole face for brands such as Hermès and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Through a sequence of videos posted on Cartier’s official Instagram page, MariaCarla is seen modelling the new pieces of the Cactus de Cartier collection, videos in which she portrays her different sides. From what we understood, from the storytelling, the Cartier woman can stand anything that comes her way, as long as she has her #CactusDeCartier jewels on. According to the videos, there’s a particular power in wearing that Cactus ring or possessing one of the items as we even got a Mary Poppins reference. Discover the fun videos on Instagram to see it for yourself.

Another clear message from this campaign is that traditional beauty is not always the way to go. MariaCarla had the “no makeup” look, and the pieces she was wearing wouldn’t particularly be associated with the “beautiful” jewelry stereotype. The model’s beauty although different is still alluring and appealing to all, just like various items from Cactus de Cartier. It’s all about having an independent spirit and style.

The rings come in 15 different models,  ranging from 3.5 thousand dollars to 5.7 thousand dollars all the way to 11 thousand dollars to 27 dollars. In this diverse range, you can find wedding bands that come in yellow, white and rose gold, an 18K yellow gold ring resembling a lamp called the “Diabolo de Cartier” and 6 brilliant cut diamonds placed on the very top. A similar ring is seen in the campaign, but that one has two “shaped lamps” one size smaller than the other, but unlike the one we just described, it contains 12 brilliant cut diamonds, making it six on each side.  And last but not least, the ring that definitely caught our attention, is also of 18K yellow gold and named after the collection and has beautiful ornaments being, 14 chrysoprasus, 14 lapis lazuli and 18 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.22 carats. This ring is the most expensive one in the collection.

The bracelets of the Cactus de Cartier are very similar to the rings, the one name of the collection is an open yellow gold bangle with the 14 lapis lazuli but 16 chrysoprasus and 36 brilliant cut diamonds. Our favorite out of all 5 models is exactly what you would imagine a round shape cactus jewelry to be: it’s an all 18K yellow gold bracelet, with small pieces of emeralds all of it and 204 brilliant cut diamonds. Of course, our favorite bracelet is one of the most expensive ones in the collection and costs 209 thousand dollars. Even before knowing the price, we could have told you that it was the priciest of all, we can spot true luxury from miles away!

To top it all off, the collection has six different models of earrings, ten necklaces, and three different clutches. The half on pierced on hoop earrings is a must-have of the collection, especially for those who are more conservative when it comes to jewelry, they are as simple as it gets when it comes to making “cactus” forms earrings and have only 3 brilliant-cut diamonds placed around it. As of the necklaces, we’re absolutely in love with the yellow gold pendant with the finishing touch of two green aventurines, this piece is absolutely one that you could easily wear every day. And our favorite is the one that MariaCarla was spotted having a “mirror/mirror on the wall” moment, the Cactus de Cartier necklace with 28 chrysoprasus, 19 lapis lazuli, and 75 brilliant-cut diamonds. Finally, The #CactusDeCartier clutch can be found in the high-jewelry bag section of the website, it comes in three different colors, green, orange, and golden alligator leather. The closure clip is of yellow gold, emeralds and one brilliant-cut diamond that can also be used as a brooch. The Alligator skin of 24K gold is on our must-have list! The entire  collection is available to shop online on Cartier.com

By Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre