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Women in Style- Amal Clooney

A woman of character, a woman with a big heart and a constant humanitarian, Amal née Alamuddin Clooney is an inspiration.

But today, after single-handedly stealing the show during the royal wedding, Amal has been selected to be featured as our woman in style for the month.

How many guests have you heard of or seen become the center of attention of a royal wedding? None, until Amal came along.

Everyone was more excited about Amal’s outfit and demure than the bride’s dress (and to be honest Meghan was trying so hard to be modest that it looked like zero effort was made). Amal who has always been known for her smart fashion choices; always feminine, and elegant with a twist of couture, arrived at Windsor Castle wearing her most perfect outfit just yet.

Dressed for her body-type in a slim cut mustard yellow Stella McCartney dress with a pinched square neckline, cap sleeves and eye-catching train at the back with a color matching side-tipped hat with a veiled front, scattered with colored crystals; she looked effortlessly elegant. To top it off, she did what she usually does, she added GREAT shoes and for this occasion, it fell on nude pumps from Gianvito Rossi to seal the look.

So when in doubt next time you are attending a wedding or preparing for your own, stick an image of Amal’s outfit on your wardrobe and try to aim higher…if you can.